The 411 On Troy Davis

If you can’t prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt then you CAN’T kill this man. This case has the world’s attention. Is our blood lust so great that we have to ignore all statements of doubt by those who have looked long and hard at the case and apply the cruelest punishment of all – Death – which can never be remedied? This man is about to be murdered. Make no mistake: every death sentence is a premeditated murder. Regardless of how we justify it, the execution of a prisoner is a state sanctioned, premeditated murder. And in this country it needs to stop. Make your voices heard.

Tonight Troy Davis refused his last meal, because he cannot accept that he will be killed. I urge politicians, celebrities, opinion leaders to join our long-standing campaign NOW! The last resort we have is for the District Attorney to remove the death warrant on the life of Troy Davis. Tweet on #toomuchdoubt and tell the State of Georgia to save this man’s life.

– Russell Simmons

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