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Here’s an Album review from the Homie Nes on John Crown‘s latest Project: Coffee & Beats. Click Read more to check out the review and link to Download the Album for yourself.

John Crown recently dropped the album ‘Coffee and Beats’.
The album starts off on a pretty mellow track (as to be expected with an album titled coffee and beats, ill explain later) using a Willie Hutch sample. This is basically his intro to his view and possible reasoning for why hes completing this album/music. It was a cool ride, and usually its hard to knock someones reason for creating art…unless its bullshit. Beat was cool.
This is where it immediately picks up, I actually like the 2nd track alot. The drums, sample, flow, topic, was all on point. Not much to be said…pretty much my favorite joint on this album. Off top.
The 3rd track, ‘Work Boots’ seemed a little too busy for me. I think a few parts of the sample could be leveled a little better. The vocals on the chorus didn’t really do much for me to be honest. It actually kind of irratated me. The flow was pretty coo though.
‘I See You Lookin’ is a nice song, he had a good flow, I really like the second and third verse. the beat knocks. Good song, probably my second favorite.
From this point its odd how the album is so lively ….yet its called ‘Coffee and Beats’. And the album cover through me off. …Don’t judge a book by the cover. Lesson learned.
Movin on to track 5 and 6 They both remain high energy, though ‘Riding Clean’ reminded me of a Stalley joint, I happen to like Stalley, so this track is coo. The beat slaps.
‘Be That Way’ was coo in the beginning , and then the sample for the verse came in, I wasn’t to partial to that. BUT the verse is coo, he’s talking about how it is in the hood in general, and how you have a choice to change your ways.
‘Off My Chest’ didnt move me at all. I didnt like the beat at all. At this point Im hearing about the hood, and I’m kind of like, okay I get it, we need to change our ways….
‘Fast Lane’ this is where the tempo changes. I liked this track actually. The chorus actually worked for me on this one. He’s still focusing on more hood stuff, but at least there was a concept behind it to have a different approach to addressing it.
‘The Lily’ is a song dedicated to the women subject to abuse. Im not sure if song fits on this album too much. The concept itself belongs on the album, though I dont think the beat flows right with the rest of the tracks. The chorus doesn’t work for me either. I think its more so how the chorus is vocalized than anything.
The album attempts to pick back up a little bit near the end on ‘Contribution’. I like a few things about this song as well, I think the beat is coo, and I like how the chorus was done. There are a few things im not too much a fan of the verse about, as far as delivery, but the verse itself is written well.
The last track ‘The Mourning’ (bounus track) doesnt really do much for me, I actually think ending the album with ‘Contribution’ was a nice conclusion. I could personally do with out the bonus and be happy. with 11 tracks.
…All in all the album was decent, is indeed a competent artist, but he talked about the hood too much. People that live in the hood, know about the hood because we live in it, and/or see it in movies. Touch on it, and give us something different, educate and enlighten us to more than what we know and see already. I know its possible, I can tell by how the songs are written, they just need better composition/arrangement.
…You have a story full of thoughts and insight, make it interesting, and arrange it as if you were doing a painting, its okay to be unconventinal.
~But what do I know? Im just a rapper~

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