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Here is my Album Review of Drake‘s “Take Care” Album. I have only had this for about a week but have so far done some extensive listening. Click Read More Below to see my summary and review of the Project Track by Track.

1) Over My Dead Body – On this track drizzy goes in over a mellow piano based beat which is also haunted by an ominous chorus from fellow Canadian singer Chantal Kreviazuk (Which cleverly sounds like a Sample). Here he sums up his feelings on the last year of his life in the game since he dropped his last project. He talks about relationships that didn’t work, people taking shots at him, and how he still feels he ‘s on top looking down. Classic Drake Track! I give this one 5 stars.

2) Shot For Me – This track starts out slower than the first track and is a Classic Drake mix of Rapping & Singing about a Love gone wrong and how she thinks he’s changed and how the rumors of cheating and things have caused things to fail. It’s a very personal sounding track about an ex’s new found so I rate it 3 stars.

3) Headlines – This is another banger that features a nice beat from 40 and is another track about the way the game has been to him in the last year and how people were saying he fell off and want the old Drake back, and he says he agrees and he’s back for the crown. The placement of track 2 seems weird mainly because of the similarities to tracks 1 and 3 content wise. I give headlines 5 stars.

4) Crew Love (ft. The Weeknd) – This song is 2 parts in one. The weeknd’s lyrics are more about groupies, and Drake’s is kind of a dedication to his whole OVO XO crew, many of whom have been down with drizzy since he was an up and coming artist in his hometown of Toronto. Fellow T town artist The Weeknd blends in greatly as their musical styles are similar. I give this 3 stars.

5) Take Care (Ft. Rihanna) – This track is clearly one of the more Radio Friendly cuts on the album. This is the crossover track that will make it’s way to pop radio, and I’m not hating on it. It’s basically a song about how He(Drake)/She (Rihanna) will be the one to take care of the other when they are ready and over the baggage of their past failed relationship. I give it 3 stars.

6) Marvin’s Room/Interlude (Ft. Kendrick Lamar) – Marvin’s Room was the first track to leak from this album and it grew on me. I wasn’t feeling it at first but the more I heard female R&B Artists do their female versions of the song, it made me go back and listen to his version and the Lyrics. It’s a right vs. wrong / cheating song. 5 Stars for Lyrics Alone and the fact he has a sick intro after the track is done with Kendrick Lamar only makes it better.

7) Underground Kings – This is another Drake Banger. It’s one part dedication to UGK which he lists as a major influence in his career, and the other part of this track is all about grinding as a hungry underground artist and how he said he was the best back then and and he was and still is right. He also names some of the artists he hung with while looking to get signed. He names Yo Gotti, UGK, and Lil Wayne to name a few. This track goes so I give it 5 stars.

8 ) We’ll Be Fine – This track is one part about making sure you live life to the fullest cuz you never know if you’ll be gone too soon. He credits Aaliyah to fueling what he’s gonna do to the game. It is also one part about living a flashy lifestyle and balling out because you can. I’ll give this track 4 stars.

9) Make Me Proud (Ft. Nicki Minaj) – This one is a uplifting track for the Ladies out there doing their thing. When he first released this track he took to twitter and one by one named out a chick doing her thing and said he was proud from The First Lady Michelle Obama to his rumored Girlfriend Serena Williams. I give this track 4 stars mainly cuz when you make a track for the ladies you usually Win!

10) Lord Knows (Ft. Rick Ross) – This track is about making it in the game and knowing that having self confidence is important with all the shots and hating that goes on, and how he always salutes the Real peoplein the game. Ricky Rozay hops on and also talks making it, and flossing on the Haters. I give this one 5 stars.

11) Cameras/The Good Ones Go (Interlude) – This is another one of the tracks on the album where Drizzy get’s real personal. This whole track is about how he’s missing out on being able to maintain a relationship with the “good ones” because he’s not in a place to settle down while also living the fast paced superstar rapper lifestyle. I give this track 4 stars.

12) Doing It Wrong (Ft. Stevie Wonder) – The only let down on this song is Stevie only plays piano and Harmonica and doesn’t sing. This track is still a great combo. This is the lone track on the Album where drake only sings with no rapping, but it works. This is another song about a relationship that just won’t work despite the feelings that remain. I’ll give it 4 Stars more for the Lyrics than the song as a whole.

13) The Real Her (Ft. Andre 3000 & Lil Wayne) – This song is growing on me. It’s easy to say this should be the best track on the album based on the description and features. In my opinion it’s not, but it’s still a very good one. It’s another song about Women. 3 stacks verse alone makes this a 4 star song. LOL at “Please Be Careful, Bitches Got The Rabies”.

14) HYFR (Hell Yeah Fuckin Right) (Ft. Lil Wayne) – This song has a very catchy hook from weezy, and Drake’s flow is ridiculous on this one! Weezy goes in too, but Drizzy takes this one. It’s a song all about the constant questions they get from the women they spend their time with from wifey’s to one nighter’s. The beat is ill too so this gets 5 stars.

15) Look What You’ve Done – This is hands down the Realest and most personal tracks on the album, and one of the most honest songs I’ve heard this year in ANY music genre. This song is a dedication to the woman in his life he’s closest too. His Mother.

The lyrics are all about the fallouts they’ve had, and the rebuilding of their relationship. The Production from Chase N. Cashe is crazy and it features an ill sample of a song by Playa sang by the late Static Major. See more on the sample HERE. 

This track is easily 5 stars!

17) Practice – This track is one I’m hoping is one of the Bonus tracks off the album. It doesn’t have as much substance as the rest of the songs, and ending the album with ‘Look What you’ve done’ makes the most sense. This one is one part dedication to Cash Money songs of the past (Mainly Juvenile’s Back That Azz Up) and one part song about how all the other guys a chick has been with before Drizzy were simply “Practice”. I only give this one 2 Stars.

18) The Motto (Ft. Lil Wayne) – This is a straight club banger, and the beat goes perfect with Drizzy and Weezy’s flow. There is also a Remix version of this track with a verse from young Money member Tyga which may or may not make the Deluxe version of the album. Tyga’s verse also goes perfect on this one. I give this 4 stars.

19) The Ride (Ft. The Weeknd) – This is another bonus track. I really dig this one as it’s basically a Summary of his Ride through the Music Game from an unknown artist playing local clubs in Toronto and sharing an Apartment with his Best friend and Producer Noah ’40’ Shebib to making it big and living the lavish life. I give this one 5 Stars for the overall content and quality, dope ol school R&B Sample, Weeknd’s falsetto vocals and a nice beat from 40.

In summary, I give this album 4 and a Half stars out of 5. It’s easily his best album of his young career. Like him or not, Drake always comes through with quality material minus a few hit or miss tracks. He says he’s the best out, and it’s hard to argue that fact based on His it factor plus overall talent like Acting, and singing to go along with ill rhyme skills and the fact he’s not afraid to show us who he is with all the personal intimate lyrics he puts into his music. I would recommend you grab this Album when it drops Tuesday November 15, 2011.

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