Introducing Swazy Baby


Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through
hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength. This quote defines the meaning of young rap
superstar Swazy Baby’s life.

Slip n Slide Records rap newcomer Swazy Baby is marking new territory and creating that new sound to
rap music. Brought up in a less fortunate home, raised by a single mother and determined to provide a
way for his family; a raw aptitude that beyond all measures has never failed to embrace his supporters
with a smile. Although limited, he found a resource to tap into his musical gift and share his inner most
secrets through music and introduce his story of how you can take a bad situation and turn it into a good
one. Overcoming struggles and hardship this rapper knows what it takes to undergo hard times, adversity
and still come out on top. Aspiring to become a permanent fixture among the rap community; this young
multifaceted artist is making it his business to breath “fresh air” into the music industry.
Born and raised in Cordele, Georgia the young lyricist experienced privation and hardship early on in life,
as a teenager; Swazy Baby was shuttled between his mother, grandmother and other relatives. Never the
less he forged ahead in spite of his adversities and decided to pursue music as a full time career.
Now signed with the Slip n Slide Records All Star team, this nineteen year old is destined nothing short of
long term success. “ I am very happy to be a member of the Slip n Slide Records family, ever since I was
a little boy, Slip n Slide has been a major staple in not only the south marker but all over the country.”
“I know that with Slip n Slide Records behind me I have a bright future, I plan to bring the heat and create
classic timeless rap music, like my rap forefathers Trick Daddy, Jay Z, Nas and more.”
At a first glance Swazy Baby might seem unsuspecting, but his focus is on none other than “banging out
the hits” creating good quality rap music, that individuals can appreciate for years to come.
“As a rapper from the ghetto, I don’t want to highlight my struggles and upbringings…like other rappers
instead I want to rap about working towards the future and showing communities around the world that if
you work hard at something, good things will come to you” I am the voice of the hood, I am here to
Swazy Baby draws inspiration from rappers such as Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and more. He credits all the
musical legends that came before him. “I respect all art. In fact, they all fall under one category if you ask
me…poetry. It’s all pure poetry in different forms.” When he’s able to pull himself away from his “poetry”,
he enjoys writing and producing music, spending time with his family and seeking ways to improve his
“craft “and last but not least ; some quiet time to relax giving him an opportunity to focus and realign with
what he calls “my humbled self”.
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