Introducing Larue


Song writer, and Musician “LaRue” was born JaWaan LaRue in Seattle, Washington in 1981. He began his musical venture at the early age of 14 doing High School talent shows, pep assemblies, and local city festivals with his group “The Elements”.

After graduating high school he decided to join the Army to avoid street trouble and make something of his life. LaRue ended up serving 8 yrs in the Army including one deployment overseas in 2004-2005 for Iraqi freedom. During his deployment he recorded an album titled “Hard Headed” that never was released.

After returning home he teamed up with super producer Rising Son, and Marcus D to form an alliance called “City of Dreams”. After releasing his single “Certified Hip Hop” he began receiving media attention. His music began getting spins on: Kube 93.3, Kexp Street Sounds 90.3, KBCS 91.3, and he also made several appearances on the popular public access channel show “Hip Hop 101 T.V.”. He’s done numerous of shows up and down the west coast with names such as NeYo, Del the Funky Homosapien, Souls of Mischeif, Mr. Lif and many more.

His style has been quoted to be, “Grown and Sexy but Gutter”. This young man has touched many people with songs such as: “Rise Up” explaining the struggle of African Americans and the equality of all people. “I’m A soldier” explaining his War experience in words that paint a picture for anyone to see. His music is the future. He’s got a gift that not many pose. The ability to paint pictures with words.

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