[Video] Gerald Walker – “Please Shut The Fuck Up” Video Teaser

Video teaser for Gerald Walker’s upcoming visual release,,, Enjoy!

Gerald Walker is kicking off 2012 full speed. With two new projects underway, he is also set to release the video for the fan fave track, “Please Shut the Fuck Up.”

The video in conjunction with the song is pretty much an F-you to everyone and all who hate. With 2012 at our doorstep, can we please leave all that behind us!

The video is set for release in February, but to tide you over until then, below is the teaser. The video is directed by Xavier Ruffin, who also had his hands on the video for “The Missing Piece,” so you already know that the final product is gonna be dope.

Stay tuned for Gerald Walker’s new project, “Believers Never Die” coming sooner than you think.

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