[Artist Spotlight] Interview with Bugus

I recently was able to Interview up and coming Atlanta emcee Bugus. He talks about his label Diemon, his labelmate and Partner in Crime Russ, his recent appearance on MTV Rapfix and more. Click below to check out the Interview and download his latest project “2020“.

1) When did you first know you wanted to be a rapper/emcee? what were some of your earliest influences?

Bugus: What’s up? I knew I wanted to be a recording artist when I was 17, right before I started my senior year of high school. I don’t know what I was influenced by. I just did me and progressed I guessed.

2) When did you and Russ first link up?

Bugus: Me and Russ been thuggin since 8th grade. That’s my nigga.

3) Tell Us a little about DIEMON and the meaning of the name?

Bugus: DIEMON stands for Do It Everyday Music Or Nothing. We are a family. We make fire shit the world needs to see and hear.

4) Are you still enrolled in College? If so, what’s it like balancing College Life and Music?

Bugus: Yeah, I’m a sophmore at Morehouse. Balancing school and music is easy. Niggas went to the moon. I can do both.

5) I saw you made it to MTV Rapfix, besides the advice you were given, has that helped you connect more in the indusrty, or maybe got your name out more?

Bugus: Yeah, a little bit. Its gotten our name out more. So were gonna build off of that.

6) You dropped your last project 2020 this past Halloween, What’s next in the works for Bugus?

Bugus: Ya 2020 dropped in the fourth quarter of last year. First quarter of 2012 we’ll be introducing Jalil & John Anthony. And I’ll dropping more fire for the world.

7) How do you view the ATL Music Scene, and the Hip-Hop scene overall?

Bugus: ATL is a dope. ATL is running hip hop right now. Hip Hop as a whole is running the world. Thats a good look.

Click HERE To check out the Diemon Website.

Click HERE To see his appearance on MTV’s RAPFIX Live with Sway & Trina

Click HERE To Download his latest project 2020

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