[Album Review] The Good Sin – The Story Of Love x Hate

The Good Sin just recently dropped his second album “The Story Of Love x Hate” on Valentines Day. Here is a review of the project. Click below to read and download the project.

1) Lost Souls (Feat. Felicia Loud)
This track starts out with the soulful vocals of Felicia Loud, as she continues singing, sin enters in over a smooth Piano and drum kick baseline. The lyrics describe his thoughts on life and the music game.

2) Ode To Home
This one also starts with a slow and mellow opening but it’s definitely a FRESH track. The “Just Another Rainy Day In Seattle” hook rounds out the song nicely.

1) Eye 2 Eye (Feat. Alisha Roney)
This one has a nice upbeat feel and Aisha Roney’s vocals give this track a great sound. It’s a song about learning how to love and being on the same page as your girl/guy.

2) Gimme Your Love
This track has that late 1980’s early 90’s sound courtesy of an ill Bobby Brown sample. The track is about Love, and holding him or her down through everything.

3) Mission Impossible
This is a good track about how sometimes a person’s baggage from a past failed relationship can make loving them seem like an “Impossible” feat. Check out the visuals below:

4) Can You feel It
Here’s another good track about Love and what happens when a person strays from the relationship.

5) Want You Back (Feat. Sean Carson)
This is a good track about wanting an ex back. It deals with the realization that the old feelings never left and the fact both parties have moved on but the fire is still there. The smooth vocals of Sean Carson only make the song better.

6) Hate (Feat. Mario sweet)
This one opens with a classic sample of Richard Pryor from “Brewster’s Millions”. The track is about Money, and the feelings and attitudes that come from friends and acquaintances when you get it. Smooth vocals from Mario Sweet, round up this track.

7) Better Dead
This one serves as kind of an Interlude with lyrics about people who have passed on.

8 ) A Lot To Say “Alisha’s Revenge” (Feat. Alisha Roney)
This track is a chance for Alisha Roney to show more of her soulful voice with a short solo track

9) Lookin’ Over Me (Feat. Luck-One, Fatal Lucciauno & Dice)
This one is one of my favorite tracks on the Album. The beat is dope and the guest artists also blend well in the song as they each have their own style, but when they come together it just sounds great. It’s a true song about being thankful for everyday you get to wake up above ground.

10) How To Fly (Feat. Dizz)
How To Fly is a song about making it in life believing in yourself even if no one else believes in you. The song also sounds good with vocals by dizz.

11) Wealth
Here’s a good track about making it through life, saving up wealth and continuing to move forward even wen they set you up to fail. The beat keeps this song sounding good.

12) The Story
This final track rounds out the album and couldn’t be placed any other place on the project. It covers the topics of Love and Hate. It also allows Sin to take us into his mindset of ‘Grinding’ and not letting people tell you to not pursue your dream of making Music just because they don’t believe in you. (He mentions a chance meeting
of Rapper Rhymefest).

In summary, The Good Sin avoids the sophomore slump that many artists hit when they drop their second album. This one has the trademark Good sin sound, yet never lets the songs sound too similar, even when some of them deal with similar ideas over the 14 tracks. This is a quality album that has good playability and you can let it play all the way through without a desire to skip tracks like many other projects with 16+ songs. Click below to Support quality music and download this album.

Download from CD Baby HERE

Download from his Bandcamp HERE

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