Candidt – Agony & Exstacy

After the smoke cleared from Candidt’s 1996 hood classic album “Dookiebraid Soul” he found himself at a crossroads. Main DBS producer M.A.S had gone to LA to produce, drummer Davey C was busy playing and touring with numerous bands and K. Boogie plain and simply hit a rough patch in his life. Candidt did not fret, he teamed up with legendary Seattle producer Vitamin D and up and coming producer and Cousin Kuddie Fresh and created “Agony & Exstasy.” A soulful, lyrical, polished, vibed-out, laser-tongued, head-nodding collection of hip hop many considered as yet another Candidt hood classic album. Written and recorded 1998-2000, many would say that A&E is the sound that really stamped a solid footprint in the world of music for Candidt.


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