New Music: A1 Ace – I Got My Hoodie On [for Trayvon Martin]

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One Response to “New Music: A1 Ace – I Got My Hoodie On [for Trayvon Martin]”

  1. Julie says:

    What’s crazy is during this entire time since Trayvon’s killing, there’s been no restrictions placed on Zimmerman.
    Why should he wait around for the government to decide whether to charge him with Murder and he face a possible life sentence.
    His parents have the means and so Zimmerman might have left for “vacation” to a place like Equatorial Guinea where they speak Spanish, have beautiful beaches, and NO Extradition Treaty with the US.
    If it was your life, would you prefer a jail cell or a tropical paradise?
    No one has seen George Zimmerman in ages. I’m beginning to doubt he’s still in the US.

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