Truth Studios & Fresh NDef Presents 'Metroid'

Truth Studios & FrshNDef Presents Metroid Front-1

DOWNLOAD: Truth Studios & Fresh NDef Presents ‘Metroid’

The Rap duo of GW (Ghost Writers) Headlinze and JMilla bring your Truth Studios & FrshNDef Presents “Metroid”. Their ambitious plan is to provide this short EP of Brilliant music quarterly. “We will be giving this out free and continuing every quarter if we get at least 200 downloads” – JMilla. “We will raise that bar every time, may put it on iTunes for a small penny so everyone can have it” – Headlinze. This first offering comes off retrofitted and chrome plated thanks too production from GMK and JMilla. This EP is lyrically stellar and proof these gentlemen deserve their spot in the LES (League of Extraordinary Spitters) movement.

Why Metroid?

“Hip-hop was stolen by pirates for finical gain. This spawned the cloning of garbage lyricist. We are here to return it safely.” – JMilla

Truth Studios & FrshNDef Presents ‘Metroid’

Release Date 5/13/2010

Feat. Headlinze & Jmilla

Track List:

1.      1)  Sparkle & Shine Feat. GMK x B-Boy Fidget

2.      2)  Coaster

3.      3)  Akoona Matada Feat. Bad Company

4.      4)  The Re-Union

5.      5)  Fly High

Mixed By: GMK

Produced By: JMilla (Tracks 2,4,5) & GMK (Tracks 1,3)

Cutz By: Soundwaves

Written By: Headlinze & JMilla (Except track 1,3)

GMK appears courtesy of Team Brilliance

B-Boy Fidget appears courtesy of Frock Ent.

Bad Company appears courtesy of FrshNDef

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