[Video] Nya J – Headlines Remix

J’Sani Entertainment Introduces Nya J with Her Debut Music Video: Headlines feat. Drake…
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– Sarafina

Seattle, WA (May 8, 2012) – J’Sani Entertainment, is excited to announce the debut of their artist, Nya J. This young amazing talent comes from a family with a long standing legacy in music and the arts. She is the Granddaughter of legendary Marimba musicians, Dumisani Maraire Sr. and Lora Chiorah, two Zimbabwean artists credited with bringing traditional Shona music to America. Nya J began performing (dancing and singing) in the Sukutai Marimba and Dance Ensemble. As the only child in the troop, she dazzled audiences with her charm and her talents that seem well beyond her years. During a performance at Seattle’s Historic Paramount Theatre, Nya J showed such great poise and strong artistic expression, her spotlight performance prompted a standing ovation. Over the past few years Nya J has performed in some of the Northwest’s biggest festivals, among them are Dance This (Paramount Theatre), Bumbershoot (Seattle Center) and Folk Life Festival.

Nya J already has six years of performance experience under her belt. This experience has given her the wherewithal to tackle her latest venture, being what she likes to call “The last B Girl.” While her peers may have no idea who some of her influences are, she credits old school female emcees, like Roxanne Shante and Salt N Pepa for her love of beats, rhymes, and the B girl culture. From Battle rhymes, social issues, and feel good records, Nya J tackles them all with consistency and conviction. “I am so glad my parents introduced me to legends like Roxanne Shante and Nas. Their music has helped me to know the difference between good music and a hot song.”

The aforementioned is why she is making her debut alongside Hip-Hop’s latest phenom, Drake. Nya J says, “I had to get on this Headline’s track. Drake is not only lyrical, but like myself he has a strong singing voice.” Nya J’s debut music video adaptation of Drake’s Headlines is as fashion forward as she is and gives the world a taste of what is yet to come. Slated to drop her first mixtape, Hold My Own, this summer, Nya J promises to give music fans across all genres something fresh and new. ”I’m too young to put any city or type of music back on the map. I’ll leave those promises to the magazine writers and other rappers.” jokes Nya J. “I am not here to be the next so and so, I just want to be the 1st Nya J.” “We look forward to amazing things from this little girl.” says Vicky Lee (Director at Seattle Theatre group).

For more information:
Nya J Website: www.thisisnyaj.com
Press Contact: thebrandkings@gmail.com

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