[Mixtape] DjAYEBoogie – Welcome To The AYE Vol. III

In a continuous effort to bridge the gap between down south & up north we find ourselves back for the third installment of DjAYEboogie’s “WelcomeToTheAYE” series. Since its origin, the WelcomeToTheAYE series has provided northern listeners with the heavy bass, catchy lyrics, and ratchet content that drive our beloved nightlife.

As a DJ, in a competitive environment, being the first to break a record has always been the motive to continue to produce such mixtapes. Volume I & II consisted of tracks such as “Racks”, “Magic”, “I’m Throwed” and “Beef It Up”, all the while introducing artists such as Future, K.Camp, Stuey Rock and F.L.Y. For most of us hip-hop heads we may have been familiar with the artists named above, however for those who are not we have DJs taking that risk to educate you; DjAYEboogie

Download HERE

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