[Artist Spotlight] Fresh Preserves

Last week I had the pleasure to see these men live at a show presented by them and also featuring some “local” up & comers like Young Gizzle and Peta Tosh. Plainly put these are some extremely talented artists! The beats were fresh, delivery was unfaltering, great confidence on the stage, an extremely well rounded show and presentation. The group consists of 3 members plus 2 vocalists who appear on a few of their tracks. I am personally recommending them to you, you will not be disappointed. 🙂

Read more about the group and download their projects after the jump!

– Sarafina

Mike Mack , Hugh “Harlem” Brown & Brian “B Roc” Ovalles are the Big 3 for Fresh Preserves a Seattle Washing Music Group (Artist,Production,Writing, Images,Music) Along with Vocalist Kharla Williams & Christina Pallis Fresh Preserves Is Not Only The Upcoming Sound Of The City Of Seattle But Music In General. Mike Mack & Harlem hit the scene with the 2008 Project “Soul Hop” a UNDER PROMOTED CLASSIC which set the music tone for young duo (18 &19 at the time). 2008-2011 the two went through LIFE. From Having Kids To Losing Close Ones, the two would struggle but still find a way to stay focus while plotting the big move. In the process they came in contanct with an aspiring Producer By The Name “B Roc”. By Doing So They Dropped The 420 EP “Rolling Stoned” which grabbed the attention of real hiphop lovers. The project went in depth on the two lifest’s. Touching on subjects from hardknocks to heartbreaks. The Lyrical Content Showed They Were Getting Better and to a High Degree. After gaining attention off “Rolling Stoned” They Soon after released the long awaited project “The Deep End” In October of 2011 Which hit the seattle area with a blind slide left hook…The Project Was a Instant Classic. Teaming Up With Maxx Traxx Of MRW Productions, TommyBoii of Team Loyalty, Kharla Williams and Christina Pallis. The Fresh Preserves Crew Took It To Another Level with not only there music but also with there live band performance…Still Unsigned…Whats Next For Fresh Preserves


@hiphopisharlem @thefreshestdope @brocsnikes


Download The ASAP TAPE

Download Fresh Preserves Presents “The Deep End”

Download Fresh Preserves Presents “Rolling Stoned”

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