Three disappeared rappers who could drop mind-blowing albums in the next five years


1. Mystikal: I was in high school from 1998 to 2002. It was a magical time in Rap. Snoop Dogg signed to No Limit Records and Eminem had just started to build the foundation that would cement him as one of the top five MCs of all time. Ja Rule, DMX, Outkast and Mystikal dominated the Hip Hop landscape. And of those names, no one was cooler or more terrifying than Mystikal, with his out-of-control-totally-in-control delivery that felt like watching a rabid wolverine on acid mauling everything in sight while wearing a tuxedo. Was he the best writer? Not by a long shot. But it didn’t matter at all. And it still doesn’t. Pretty much all Mystikal would have to do to drop an album I would love is be able to coherently deliver 10 songs worth of mediocre (Meek Mill-esque) lines in his trademark style over beats that aren’t terrible. Not too high of a bar, so let’s see what the next 60 months bring.

2. Young Buck: Like Mystikal, Young Buck always had a delivery that his writing just couldn’t match. I have no idea what he’s up to now (and I’m too lazy to Google it) but I’d love to see him put his head down for 10 months (with a few ghost writers, if need be) and surprise everyone with a comeback album worthy of 4 1/2 tiny red microphones. I wouldn’t be at all shocked if between now and 2019 Buck drops a gold album (that would have been 2X or 3X platinum in 2002). If you agree with me, you can petition him here.

3. Eminem: It seems like I’m in the minority, but I wasn’t a fan of Eminem’s last album. In my opinion he’s still searching for a way to be himself on the mic. Not the “himself” of 2003, but the Marshall of now. His most recent attempt was valient, I’d love to hear him drop the growly voice and get back to writing songs like Stan again. At the peak of his powers Em was writing songs. Not raps, but songs. Jay-Z, Drake, Macklemore, Kendrick and Outkast all have excellent examples of career breakthroughs when they shared well-written songs that would stand up next to offerings from any genre. And Eminem was a better writer than all of them in his prime. Please don’t mistake my meaning. He has had some good songs and great raps in the past decade. But I haven’t heard an entire album that made me stop and say, “Damn. He’s back.” I think he’s got one in him though and would bet that he’ll drop a game-changer before I turn 35. Here’s hoping…

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