Ugly Frank – Left Ova (prod. by KReam Team)

I’LL FIGHT YOU’s Ugly Frank just dropped his first solo single, Left Ova with his full solo EP, BOBBY HILL , on it’s way – set to be here before you can say, “Where is Tacoma?” (It’s just south of Seattle, by the way, and has no shortage of mean-ass rappers who could destroy you on the mic or in a fist fight.) This is a track worth listening to three or four times – try not to let the beat hook you worse than dipping fries in your frosty. H/T tip to Fader, where I saw this track first. Check out I’LL FIGHT YOU’s mixtape on their Soundcloud page and don’t sleep on the group’s other members, Evergreen One and Khris P.

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  1. Jo El says:

    Finally just heard this. Fire.!

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