Three Hip Hop Collabs I’d Love in 2014

Jay Miller

Not sure if it’s the recent Seahawks Super Bowl victory or the prospect of the Mariners not being terrible with Cano on the roster, but I’ve been fascinated with hypotheticals lately. Whatever the reason, here three Hop Hop collaborations I’d be delighted to see this year, with one sentence explanations:

Kendrick Lamar and Frank Ocean because they’ve been on a track together before, but just the two of them on the top of their games with great production could make for the best Hip Hop track of the last 25 years.

Mac Miller and Jay Z because it’ll never happen naturally and Jay Z, for all of his savvy music moves, has done a poor job of working with the boundary-pushing youth movement that will eventually takeover the game when he moves on.

Macklemore and Mos Def because I’ve been a Macklemore fan since 2004 and this collab would be the perfect opportunity for him to show the world that he can really (really) write and rap, and he’s interested in more than fame and Dr. Pepper commercials.

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