Artist Spotlight: Will Jordan Drops New EP “Plant City”

Tacoma’s very own Will Jordan, released his brand new EP “Plant City” at midnight on Feb. 25, 2015. This is the first of three EPs in Jordan’s “Journey To The Land Of The Lost” trilogy, which will also include Limbo (Mar. 25th) and Land Of The Lost (April 25th). The trilogy itself is a love story, one that finds Will going through heaven, hell and the worlds in between in an attempt to win the affection of a woman. The breath-taking artwork created by the other Jordan brother Chris, perfectly sets the scene for this fictional land where the love story takes place. “With this trilogy I’m hoping to break down barriers.  This is about giving the people a chance to escape through art; like a mini dream vacation,” says Jordan.

I have a confession to make: I’ve actually  had some of these songs in my Google Drive for quite some time now. Those are some of the perks of actually interacting with artists you love, they send you raw music straight from the lab. Event still, I was pleasantly surprised when the project dropped and I heard the new mixes of these familiar songs. I’m convinced Will Jordan has truly taken his creativity and musicality to a whole new level.

Plant City is a cohesive, melodic, futuristic collection of music.  With this new wave of “alternative” R&B that has swept upon the music industry (Jeremih & Shlohmo, The Weeknd, FKA Twigs, etc.), Jordan has found his niche and evolved his sound into something unique and attention-grabbing. However,  Jordan says he doesn’t want to be labeled an R&B singer at all, “I’ve witnessed first-hand what it’s like to be kept in a box creatively, and it’s the worst thing ever. This trilogy is me doing what I want to do, and not conforming to the industry standard. I’m doing what feels right to me. I’m also hoping to establish myself, not just as a rapper, singer, or producer, but as an Artist. I’m tired of being called an ‘R&B’ singer because I’m black and I sing on some of my songs. This is bigger than genres and markets.”

Apparently fans have taken quite a liking to Jordan’s innovative sound. Blogs and listeners alike can agree that the complexity of sounds and the relatability of the lyrics have made this EP one not to miss. “It’s been unreal. The support & response from the people has actually been eye-opening. I had hopes, but you never know how an independent release is going to go up here, so I’m grateful.” It’s safe to say that most of us now too have high hopes and expectations for the next two EPs in the trilogy. “I’m also hoping this project will get me a lot more shows. I want my live experience to be insane and the more shows I can do, the better it can be.”


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