[Album Review] Gizzle McFly – Office Space: The LBR Reports

gizzle mcfly- office space the lbr reports

The 510, and Richmond’s own Gizzle McFly is back with another new project. This one is titled ‘Office Space: The LBR Reports’, dropping 9/22/15. It features 11 new Slaps, with production from 10.4 Rog, Syko, and more. Click below to read my review, and watch the new visuals for the track “Break Room”, brought to us by LBR Feel’mz.
Posted by Marcus

Here is the first video from Gizzle “Break Room”. It catches Gizzle during a much needed smoke break while in the lab.

The review starts with the first track that serves as the intro to the project which actually flows perfectly like a movie, which gives us the beginning to what comes across as a day in the life of Gizzle from wake up, to the night turn down through his eyes. Track one is “The Wake Up”, which starts into the opening smoke session, with Gizzle browsing social media, and fighting off the thirst all us guys battle daily on Ig, FB, Twitter ect. Fighting off boredom, and Blazing Up and flying high.

Track Two “Presidential” (Feat. Mani Draper), continues the story, waking up feeling Presidential, blazing, Watch game feeling like a Presidential Rolex, “even if it’s a Timex”! Nuff’ Said.

Track Three “Why”, is another mellow slap with Gizzle asking why anyone who thinks they’re on his “Wave…Drown”, and needing to keep his foot on the necks of those in the way to the top.

Track Four “Take Flight”, also features Prank, and is focussed on the battle between Stress, and Grind to be successful.

Track Five “Pay Attention”, is over a classic old school R&B sample and is all about keeping only a few close to you on the rise to the top and weeding out the broke, hating, ‘Crab In A Barrel’ people who try to impede your goals and accomplishments.

Track Six “It’s Real”, is another track with Gizzle giving us who he really is, from The Street Game, to becoming a Professional Barber, to Keep It Moving past the roadblocks.

Track Seven “Break Room”, speaks for itself, and the above visuals will answer any other questions about the Smoke Friendly track.

gizzle-break room

Track Eight “OG” (Also Featuring D. Bledsoe), is all about LBR as a Team, Being who you really are, and the importance of bringing the correct ‘Party Favors’ to the Function. Slapper level High on this one.

Track Nine “Celebration”, starts with another amazing 80’s R&B Sample, and is another smoke friendly, special lady friendly, Party song, all while reminding, “We Don’t Celebrate with Champagne Glasses”.

Track Ten “Before You Go”, starts with more A1 Old School R&B Samples, and Fire lyrics about how the day ones can stay and leave your circle at any time. Sometimes the Squares gotta get out your circle, on GP!

The final track, Track eleven “Magic Woman”, features Huey P, and is a slapper the ladies are bound to love. The track is a shot out to all us fellas ‘special lady’. Just a winning track all around.

Overall, Gizzle McFly gives us another solid project that plays well from track One to track Eleven. All Slaps covering multiple topics, with a nice Smoke Friendly tone set to well done Production equals another solid effort from the LBR Camp. The Final Project drops today on iTunes and also available at Gizzlemcfly.com, and also Soundcloud:

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