[Underground Heat] Prolific- Situations

Some New Underground Heat from ‘Prolific’ out of Orlando, FLA. Click Here To Download

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The Hip-Hop group named Prolific, which consists of four MC’ s
from the southeast, started this movement back in 1997. Flamez, Neme, Zin O.D. and Exile the
Experience met while living in Orlando, Florida. Each member brings a different style to the table, to make Prolific an unstoppable force. Flamez, who is originally from Bronx, NY, has a fearless delivery and a flow like a rollercoaster ride. He moves seamlessly from metaphor to metaphor while riding the beat with ease. Originating from Brooklyn, NY, Neme, has an unmistakable voice with a flow to match. His raspy voice puts emphasis on every word, and ends each statement with an exclamation point. Zin O.D.,
who is from Florida, has a rapid fire delivery that can rival Twista’ s. At any tempo, he can slow
down or speed up his flow to perfectly complement any beat, yet lyrically, pass any test. Exile
the Experience was born in Atlanta, Ga, and this southerner uses his distinct pitch and poignant
lyrics to leave a lasting impression. All together, these four men are on a mission to sustain Hip-
Hop as a global genre. Welcome to the movement.

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I personally dig it.Posted by Marcus

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