Artist Spotlight: Gerald Walker

Today we got a chance to catch up with an amazing new artist by the name of Gerald Walker, a Chicago native who is quickly becoming a FND favorite & definitely someone to watch for. See inside for the full interview 😉
(Listen to the 1st single from his Christmas project, Keep Me Going, and make sure to download the full project dropping Monday 12/10, entitled A Gerald Walker Christmas)

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We know you hail from the Windy City, but tell us about your start in music & your musical background,,,
Well after high school graduation I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I’d got accepted to Columbia in Chicago and was going for graphic design. However, I had an affinity for hiph-hop. So on the day oh my high school graduation I decided to pursue rap full time as a career. Funny part is that before then I never wrote on lyric in my life. So to answer your question.. I’ve been doing music for about 4 years. Not very long.

We love your melodic hooks, do you do all your own writing & singing?
Yes. I write all my hooks. Many times my producer, Slot-A, will filter my melodies. If he doesn’t like them he makes me re-write the entire chorus over – on the spot (laughs). Destiny’s Child inspire me to play and become melody heavy. They use a very strong dissonance in their music I only hope to attain one day.

Are you currently working on an album??
No. However, I’m working on another mixtape (which will sonically sound like an album) entitled, The Other Half of Letting Go. Right now It’s all about my latest EP, A Gerald Walker Christmas.

Give us an idea of what kind of progress would you like to see w/ your career in the next year?
Hopefully and prayerfully I’ll be 100x bigger and have a fanbase 100x larger (laughs). No seriously though.

Anyone in particular you’d like to work with or are planning to work with?
I’d love to work with Noah Shebib. His production is insane. Kuddie Fresh is definitely on my radar to work with. As far a rappers I like the guys I already collaborate with: Add-2, Slot-A, Bryant Stewart etc. Other than that I’d love to work with J Cole, CuDi, Ye, Drizzy. That’s all I can really think of now.

You definitely have a unique sound, who (if anyone) do you identify with musically?
This pianist named Yanni. He make’s astounding optimistic music and is musicially brilliant. In addition, he’s done some incredible things artist have yet to touch. Hip-hop wise Drake and J Cole. Sometimes I feel they have secret camera’s following my life – then they watch and write what they see. I’m positive I’m not the only one who feel’s that way. That’s a testament to them being incredible writers.

Tell us something that’s uniquely Gerald Walker, what sets you apart from the rest?
I Rap. I believe in God. I’m faithful to my chic (when I have one) and live in Wisconsin. (laughs)

Make sure to keep up w/ Gerald Walker via Facebook & Twitter, & you’ll definitely see more of him on FND 😉

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