Introducing Bad Company


Fairly new to the game, Bad Company Gang has definitely take the scene by storm.  Coming out with their debut mixtape this past September, self-titled “Bad Company”, they’ve been heavy in the streets, performing at every venue possible from Tacoma to the U District, including a recent show with up and coming Cali superstar, Nipsey Hussle.  In the short time since the mixtape drop, they’ve gained tremendous support from local heavy hitters, including Kuddie Fresh(1), Miss Casey Carter(2), and DJ Peg, also being featured on OMG Online Radio(3).  Recently, they’ve teamed up with the newly formed company, FrshNDef(4).  Truly, you can Definitely look forward to new music from Bad Company Gang, The Parker Brothaz, I Gang, and more, all over beats by Mr. Town Representer himself, Kuddie Fresh. 

Twitter @BadCompanyGang @ygizzlegts @g_goodegts

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