Introducing Emnace


By visualizing originality forcasted from our creativity within our thoughts of the new. This depicts our outlook on life. To see the positive amidst the negatives, the art amidst the war. We seek to express this lifestyle in the designs and clothes we bring forth resulting in the “MANIFEST OF THE FRESH”.

Emnace is made up of two creative innovative men, Kris Dalit, the owner of the company and Michael Umagat, the co-owner and designer. They started in 2008 but debuted officially in 2009 as an up and coming premier streetwear brand representing the Northwest. Right now you can find their designs on t shirts, crewneck sweaters, and their new line…beanies. They are featured in several local boutiques including EQPT South & North in Seattle, as well as 35th North Skate Shop and Urbanity also located in Seattle, THE COOL in Tacoma WA, and SUREEL in Kirkland WA. Emnace also has a mascot that represents them; he is their representation of the illusive bigfoot/saskwatch and goes by the name of NEEKO. We congratulate Emnace thus far, and you can be sure to see more from them in the future!

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3 Responses to “Introducing Emnace”

  1. Edward says:

    Thanks for the post frshNdef.

  2. Aubreyana says:

    Shit is so fresh $$$

  3. joe says:

    that’s wassup!!!! Emnace is in the houssseeee!

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