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Who’s Rankin Radio was started back in May 2009 by creator Sweeng One. The purpose of this site was to bring you the latest in events, music, videos, pics & a social site for members. To make it more interesting; in November 2009 Who’s Rankin Radio started a new segment called ‘The Morning Sickness’ on Who’s Rankin Radio. This show is hosted by two undeniably talented, funny & outgoing Leo’s; Sweeng One & Maryjane Hernandez. It covers everything from relationships to current events, stereo types, music, interviews, entertainment & so much more. You can listen live every Monday @ 9am pacific time on whosrankin.com so make sure to SIGN UP NOW!

Sweeng One was born on the south side of Chicago, Illinois and moved to Seattle in 1986. Although he was always a class clown while living in Chicago, it wasn’t until he moved to Seattle that he found his nitch for comedy. Sweeng One got his start during a visit to the Comedy Shop in South Seattle. While sitting in the audience, heckling the comedian onstage, he soon found the spotlight was on him. The comedian onstage, recognizing the talent in Sweeng One, handed him the mic, giving Sweeng the opportunity to display this talent for the first time in front of a live audience. His bold and unpredictable style of comedy appeals to a diverse audience and can be appreciated by everyone. Since that first night in the spotlight, Sweeng has taken every opportunity he can to get on stage and showcase his comedic ability. In 2009 Sweeng One Also dropped his Debut Comedy Album titled “Got Skits”. This Hilarious album is jam packed with Skits, remakes of songs, and prank calls. (Shameless Plugs)! To this day he is performed in many cities all over the United States.


Maryjane Hernandez was born in Jalisco, Mexico; by age two her whole family had moved to the United Statesto pursue a better life. Growing up & moving all around the NW, in 1989 her family landed in a small city of Mount Vernon, WA where she grew up but by age of 15 she moved out & decided to pursue her own destiny. She knew she wanted more out of life than to be a migrant worker. In her early 20’s she traveled to the big cities & started her own networking process. She got her big break when she was offered by a New York Citybased company Strictly Bump One to become a radio talk show co-host. About the same time she started working with Seattle’s well known companies like Seaspot Media Group & ClubVibes.com to gain traits in the media business. In late 2009, No longer wishing to be an independent promoter, Maryjane is back in the radio show business as a co-hosts of The Morning Sickness on Who’s Rankin Radio. To her this is only the beginning of a
new chapter….


If you would like advertise or have Who’s Rankin Radio host your next event please call 206-331-4791 or email info@whosrankin.com

Sweeng One: Ceo/Founder
MaryJane Hernandez: Vice President

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