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[Album Review] Gizzle McFly – Office Space: The LBR Reports

The 510, and Richmond’s own Gizzle McFly is back with another new project. This one is titled ‘Office Space: The LBR Reports’, dropping 9/22/15. It features 11 new Slaps, with production from 10.4 Rog, Syko, and more. Click below to read my review, and watch the new visuals for the track “Break Room”, brought to […]

Artist Spotlight: Will Jordan Drops New EP “Plant City”

Tacoma’s very own Will Jordan, released his brand new EP “Plant City” at midnight on Feb. 25, 2015. This is the first of three EPs in Jordan’s “Journey To The Land Of The Lost” trilogy, which will also include Limbo (Mar. 25th) and Land Of The Lost (April 25th). The trilogy itself is a love story, one that […]

Great albums you (probably) haven’t heard: After School Special

Bay area rapper A-1 dropped After School Special September 2010, making it pretty old in an age when 24 hours can seem like a lifetime. But, for anyone around my age, Special is jam-packed with nostalgia. Each beat is built off a sample from a 90s T.V. show theme song. A-1 does a remarkable job of […]

Three disappeared rappers who could drop mind-blowing albums in the next five years

Great albums you (probably) haven’t heard: Growing Up in the Future

The Pacific Northwest duo, Kung Foo Grip, dropped Growing Up right at the top of 2013 and did get a little recognition for doing so. But it’s hard to put a value on the honesty, skill and efficiency of what they do. Despite their fresh approach, youth and promise, I’m betting you haven’t heard KFG yet. If I’m […]

Talib Kweli Releases New & Personal Album on His Website

Acclaimed hip-hop artist Talib Kweli continues to push the boundaries of rap music. The rapper’s sixth solo studio release, Gravitas, maintains his position as a pioneer in music and the subgenre known as conscious rap. Recorded during his Heist tour, the album will please fans as Kweli maintains his status as a thoughtful and thought […]

[Artist Spotlight] Fresh Preserves

Last week I had the pleasure to see these men live at a show presented by them and also featuring some “local” up & comers like Young Gizzle and Peta Tosh. Plainly put these are some extremely talented artists! The beats were fresh, delivery was unfaltering, great confidence on the stage, an extremely well rounded […]

[Album Review] The Good Sin – The Story Of Love x Hate

The Good Sin just recently dropped his second album “The Story Of Love x Hate” on Valentines Day. Here is a review of the project. Click below to read and download the project.

[Artist Spotlight] Interview with Bugus

I recently was able to Interview up and coming Atlanta emcee Bugus. He talks about his label Diemon, his labelmate and Partner in Crime Russ, his recent appearance on MTV Rapfix and more. Click below to check out the Interview and download his latest project “2020“.

[Album Review] Drake – Take Care

Here is my Album Review of Drake‘s “Take Care” Album. I have only had this for about a week but have so far done some extensive listening. Click Read More Below to see my summary and review of the Project Track by Track.