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Fresh: DeLorean iPhone Case

A Japanese toy company has created an iPhone 6 case that looks to be a near perfect replica of the iconic DeLorean from the 1989 film. The iPhone 6 case, which costs 5,940 yen (just under $50), not only looks like a mini version of the flying car — it has its own special tricks. […]

Rapper Big Pooh – Stop (Feat. Steve Roxx)

FND Family member Rapper Big Pooh drops a new track titled “Stop”, which also features Steve Roxx. The track is off his upcoming colab project with Detroit Producer Apollo Brown ‘Words Paint Pictures‘, dropping March 24th via the OTHER MMG, Mello Music Group. It will feature Ras Kass, Blakk Soul, Marv Won, L’Orange, ForeverFC’s Lute, […]

[EP] Injury Reserve – Cooler Colors EP

Here’s something FRESH!! It comes from an up and coming Hip Hop Trio made up of Ritchie With a T, Stepa J Groggs, and Parker Corey, who go by Injury Reserve. They are self described as: “breakbeats, basslines and answers”, and they have that classic feel good 90’s sound. Stream and Download link below. Posted […]

Great albums you (probably) haven’t heard: After School Special

Bay area rapper A-1 dropped After School Special September 2010, making it pretty old in an age when 24 hours can seem like a lifetime. But, for anyone around my age, Special is jam-packed with nostalgia. Each beat is built off a sample from a 90s T.V. show theme song. A-1 does a remarkable job of […]

Great albums you (probably) haven’t heard: Growing Up in the Future

The Pacific Northwest duo, Kung Foo Grip, dropped Growing Up right at the top of 2013 and did get a little recognition for doing so. But it’s hard to put a value on the honesty, skill and efficiency of what they do. Despite their fresh approach, youth and promise, I’m betting you haven’t heard KFG yet. If I’m […]

Apple iWatch Concept

Thomas Bogner, a student at Germany’s Technische Hochschule Deggendorf, has designed a concept himself inspired by his desire to have an improved Nike+ Fuelband with more features. ”This concept was clearly inspired due [to] the experience with the Nike+ Fuelbands — I just fell in love with its flawless form factor,” Bogner told Mashable. ”What […]

Pop Desk By Native Union

POP Desk is an original retro handset by Native Union, the same guys behind the very popular POP phone. The cool accessory turns your iPhone into a traditional-looking telephone handset. Simply hook it into your mobile device through the headphone jack and your ready to go, it features one button pick-up and hang-up functionality, noise […]

iOS Controlled Mini Helicoptor

The mini Helicopter is controlled by your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. All you need to do is download the controller App from the App Store and plug in the transmitter.

iHome Boombox Speaker

Enjoy your music on the go in retro style. The iHome boombox speaker docks your iPod or iPhone and plays your music while charging the device. Buttons on the iHome Boombox are backlit for easy use and access, the pivoting handle and strap makes it easy to carry around. The speaker also plays FM radio, […]


Most situations that call for a full-featured camera are also the situations where it’s too inconvenient to bring along a bulky DSLR — hiking, concerts, parties, weekend trips. The Fujifilm X-M1 Camera ($800) packs all the features you’d look for in a camera into a size that can go anywhere. It features a 16 megapixel […]