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SchoolBoy Q – Break The Bank

Hey Mr. DJ!

  This celebrity DJ thing has gotten out of hand. Every week some Vegas nightclub serves as the introduction to another wannabe DJ whose real career is acting, modeling, or reality television. I thought I’d seen it all when the likes of Nick Cannon and Paris Hilton called their selves trying to rock the turntables […]

A Pirate’s Life

  It’s almost shocking how bold bootleggers can be these days. They wait outside grocery stores, have online shops, and even sell their products at outdoor stands in plain view of law enforcement who likely don’t want to use their time chasing street peddlers. When physical CD’s, DVD’s, video games, and computer software retail anywhere […]

New Music: The Soul Rebels – Power = Power Mixtape

Hearing hip-hop and pop records transposed on live instruments is always a pleasure for avid music fans, and The Soul Rebels are giving the people exactly that on their new Power = Power mixtape (available now). The eight-piece New Orleans-based brass band comes from the city’s storied musical tradition, but also embraces contemporary music and […]

No Sellout

Sellouts I tell ya’, the entire lot of them. Yes, your favorite rapper and your favorite rapper’s rapper. The children of MC Hammer (minus the infamous pants) are heavily rotating  on your music video and local radio stations to the point you can’t help but know every word to their songs, even if you can’t […]

Twerking is DEAD

  Yes, it’s almost that time folks.  It’s almost time to bury the word twerk.  The dance itself will never die, but the word is destined for an untimely death unfortunately.  Miley saw to that when she attached her tabloid stardom to it and drug it into the national spotlight for all walks of life […]

Playing for Keeps

  Another generation of video gaming is upon us, just when the consoles we’ve owned the past 7-8 years started to fully realize their potential. Don’t you hate that? I know it bugs me. When the XBOX 360 and PS3 first dropped, there was a ton of debate over which was better or would ultimately […]

The Curious Case of Air Jordan

  Jordans, J’s, Breds, Retro’s, Black Toe’s, and at least a dozen other nicknames are associated with the sneaker brand belonging to the greatest basketball player ever,  Michael “Air” Jordan. The shoes first came on the scene in 1984 when Jordan wore them as a rookie in the NBA.  Since their arrival, the shoes have […]

New Music: Scoop Deville x Travis Barker “Losing My Religeon”

With Travis Barker on the drums and a R.E.M. sample on deck, Scoop Deville rolls out the first single off his upcoming Scoopaloops project.

Video: Mibbs x Scoop Deville – FREEBASE

Pac Div’s Mibbs and producer Scoop DeVille give us a visual for the title track off their collaborative LP, FREEBASS. Download the project in full here.