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BJ The Chicago Kid – Soul Of A Woman

How about some FRESH soul for a fall Monday!! BJ The Chicago Kid, gives us “Soul Of A Woman”. Click below to listen and download. Enjoy!! Posted by Marcus

Twerking is DEAD

  Yes, it’s almost that time folks.  It’s almost time to bury the word twerk.  The dance itself will never die, but the word is destined for an untimely death unfortunately.  Miley saw to that when she attached her tabloid stardom to it and drug it into the national spotlight for all walks of life […]

Playing for Keeps

  Another generation of video gaming is upon us, just when the consoles we’ve owned the past 7-8 years started to fully realize their potential. Don’t you hate that? I know it bugs me. When the XBOX 360 and PS3 first dropped, there was a ton of debate over which was better or would ultimately […]

The Curious Case of Air Jordan

  Jordans, J’s, Breds, Retro’s, Black Toe’s, and at least a dozen other nicknames are associated with the sneaker brand belonging to the greatest basketball player ever,  Michael “Air” Jordan. The shoes first came on the scene in 1984 when Jordan wore them as a rookie in the NBA.  Since their arrival, the shoes have […]