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[Video] CyHi The Prince (Sway In The Morning Freestyle)

CyHi The Prince recently stopped by Sway In The Morning and hit the 5 fingers of death freestyle challenge…BARS ensue!! Posted by Marcus_206

[Video] Your Old Droog – 5 Fingers of Death (Freestyle on Sway In The Morning)

Your Old Droog made his first on-camera interview, and sat down with Sway In The Morning during his Shade 45 morning radio show, and he destroyed the “5 Fingers Of Death” Freestyle. Posted by Marcus

[Video] Ras Kass – Freestyle (Live on Sway In The Morning)

I remember when Kass used to Murda the Sway & King Tek show in the mid 90’s, here he pays a visit to the Sway In The Morning show on Shade 45, and OJ’s the Mic!! Posted by Marcus

[Video] 2014 #SwaySXSW- Watch This! Audio Push & Loaded Lux

Audio Push, and Loaded Lux spit a FIRE freestyle at Shade 45’s Sway in the Morning, live at #SwaySXSW in Austin,TX. Posted by Marcus