How to get your music heard and/or posted on
1. Remember this email address: . This is where you submit music to be considered for posting on No need to send an email to myself or Marcus directly; both of us receive all emails sent to

2. In your email, include a few sentences about yourself (or the artist you represent), as well as a few sentences about the music you are submitting.

3. If you are submitting a single song, upload it to or These are the file sharing services that we currently prefer. Usershare is fast and efficient and allows us to preview the song before downloading.

4. If you are submitting an album or mixtape, please consider using Bandcamp. Bandcamp also allows us to preview your album or mixtape before downloading.

5. Attach the cover of the album or mixtape to your email in JPG format and make sure it is at least 500 pixels wide. If there is a back cover, attach that as well. If you do not have a cover to your music, attach 2 photos of the artist (to give us a choice of which to put up). These must also be at least 500 pixels wide. If you REALLY want bonus points, crop your image to 450×450 pixels. This is the size of the images that we use in our posts.

6. If you are submitting a video, send us a YOUTUBE link. No need to send the embed code, as we use a plug-in on our site that does all the embedding for us. You can send other links, such as Vimeo, but YouTube is preferred.

7. In addition to everything above, it doesn’t hurt to include links to your myspace, facebook, twitter or whatever other web sites you have. This will help give us a better idea of who you are.

8. Presentation with the email is key. Enough detail about you and your project, but not too long. Short and concise.